Grade 9 College Counselling


Students need to focus on starting out strong in grade 9, as all grades received will go on their official transcript starting this year. They need to master good study habits and time management skills. They need to develop the practice of asking help when they need it, and taking initiative on their own learning. While most university representatives understand that the transition from 8th to 9th can be shaky and cause grades to drop, they do look for an upward trend in grades. They want to see growth.


Academic Skills Tips:

Personal and Extracurricular

Now is the time to get involved. Join activities, but don’t spread yourself too thin. In order to be the best student you can be, you need to take care of yourself. So, proper sleep and health eating habits accompanied with healthy stress relief activities are essential. Universities like to see someone who is balanced and has carefully selected their extracurriculars and has not just simply signed up for as many as possible. Pick activities that are meaningful to you, ones that you enjoy and then try to obtain a leadership position within those activities through your highschool years.

College and Career

Students need to start thinking about what they are interested in studying. They should examine their strengths and interests. What do they like doing? How do they like spending time? What subjects do they find interesting? In which subjects do they perform best? Students can try a series of interest inventories to start figuring out what they might be interested in studying at the university level.



Counselling for each Grade Level