GAA Parent Association (GAAPA)

Welcome Message

From Flore Bachellerie and Kausar Tahir, GAAPA Co-Chairs 2023-2024

GAAPA Co- chair     Kausar Tahir, GAAPA Co-Chair

Dear GAA Community,

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the new GAA Parent Association (GAAPA) team for the academic year 2022-2023.

GAAPA is a volunteer parent lead organization that serves to promote school spirit, the Culture of Kindness and enhance the educational experience for our children. Our success this year depends on the healthy partnership between GAAPA, staff, students and the community. Our mission is to work in collaboration with the school to encourage a sense of community through events and activities throughout the year. 

GAAPA will support, assist and cooperate in events aligned with the school program. Within our vast community of learners, we would like to celebrate our diversity and promote the acceptance of different cultures and people. We have exciting events lined up for this year and would love your support.  

A quick introduction to our GAAPA Team:
  • Flore Bachellerie - Co Chair
  • Kausar Tahir - Co Chair
  • Alicia Campos -Treasurer
  • Nadia Kroeger - Secretary
  • Bothayna Abdallah - Purchasing Coordinator
  • Farida Khalil - Teacher and Staff Appreciation Liaison
  • Lama Wazan - Parent Ambassador
  • Renee Raad - Purchasing/Sales Coordinator
  • Huda Al Hashmi - Event Coordinator
  • Rihab Safa - Volunteer Coordinator
  • Usama Naseer - Event Coordinator

We have kicked off the school year with a variety of fun events, please take a moment to read through the GAAzette to see our past events and all upcoming events.

Looking forward to a successful and exciting year. Please feel free to drop by the GAAPA room to meet our team, or email us at [email protected]

How can you get involved?

GAAPA's success depends on parent involvement. Being a GAAPA volunteer is the first step toward making new friends and learning about new cultures. Along with the GAAPA, parent volunteers support and head numerous committees for our events. These opportunities offer parents a chance to participate in an area of interest or expertise. Volunteers are asked to become involved in decorating, organizing festivals, promotions and marketing, and hosting special events. Through volunteering you will see how the success of our students enriches not only our lives but the overall school atmosphere--and you will play a role in our 'Culture of Kindness'.

If you wish to get involved, please send an email to [email protected]

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