Elementary Arts

Visual Arts

Our mission in Visual Arts is to provide a safe place for students to experiment and take risks, while providing the structure necessary for building age appropriate skills leading to confident young artists.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts at GAA provides students with the opportunity to engage the mind, body, and emotions into a collaborative expression that allows students to express themselves fully. Students are encouraged to explore music, drama, and movement. Through study and performance, students are able to explore and present themes and ideas. They are able to discover their own individual voice while learning new techniques through lessons and guided listening. We give our students the tools to think creatively, to innovate and appreciate diverse cultures and backgrounds.


Drama is recognized as a subject that benefits the overall learning and development of children. There are three main strands to the effective use of drama: a means to build children’s confidence and develop their social skills, a teaching approach for exploring cross-curricular subjects and issues, and an aid in developing children’s performance and self-presentation skills. Students explore the use of facial expressions, gestures, movement, posture, and vocal techniques. Here at GAA, students experience drama through a wide variety of stories. Throughout the year, all students are given the opportunity to perform onstage during grade level Arts Festivals. Grade 3 - 5 students are given the opportunity to audition for the Elementary school play that is produced in the Fall of each school year.


The ultimate goal of music education in our Primary Years Programme (PYP) is to create a solid foundation of vocal music along with strong music notation and note reading skills. Every student has the opportunity to play an instrument in an ensemble setting. All students are exposed to, and well versed in, the use of ORFF instruments. Throughout the year, all students are given the opportunity to perform in grade level Arts Festivals. Students in grades 3 and 4 are able to learn the  recorder, while students in 5th grade learn the piano.


Here at GAA we believe that movement/dance plays an important role in society and brings communities together. Through our program, students are able to develop body awareness, balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. Students use their bodies as a medium of expression and are able to create movement/dance pieces independently.