Parent Testimonials

  • Over the last 9 years I have been lucky enough to be a part of this amazing school. The academics are exceptional, but even better is the character development. GAA focuses on developing the whole child, way beyond books and essays. My kids were pushed to reach their full potential, they grew and flourished and became independent, confident and global citizens. Lucky to call GAA my second home.


    Maha Younes

    Parent of students in Grade 8 and 12

  • We have been part of the GAA community for 9 years now. For us, what we value the most is GAA's culture of kindness and the constant strive to do things better.

    The curriculum and models teaching are always reviewed and you feel as a parent that the school administration and staff are constantly working to make the experience of parents and school children more holistic. The teachers, students and parents are fully engaged. School is not just an education but also a full 360 experience where the community comes together for functions that are so much fun, involve the whole family and contribute to the well being of students by strengthening the school community.


    Nagham Dahbour

    Parent of Grade 7 student & Grade 3 student

  • GAA has been a great community for our children.  The teachers and staff have gone above and beyond to assure our kids receive a great education during these unprecedented times. We have been very pleased with the dedication GAA teachers have given to our children.  They have received not only an excellent education at GAA. but are being taught how to be well rounded members of our global world.   

    One of the main reasons we chose GAA was for the international community that GAA has to offer.  Growing up overseas our kids are realizing the diversity of our world.  GAA does a great job stewarding this opportunity to educate future participants in this global society.  


    Gayleen Gavitt

    Parent of Grade 2, 4 and 7 students

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