Our Vision


Curriculum: American Common Core Standards.

Framework: IB Primary Years Programme.

Through a play-based learning approach we have:

  • 15 Kindergarten classes: 7 KG1 and 8 KG2.
  • 23 Early childhood specialized teachers.
  • 22 Educational assistants.
  • 1 Counselor and 2 Early Years Inclusion Specialists.

Purposeful facilities that support learning:

  • The Kitchen lab cultivates science and inquiry as well as hygiene and safety practices.
  • Students develop techniques in aquatics and safety in the swimming pool.
  • Our outdoor learning areas enhance gross motor skills and fosters an active learning.
  • Early literacy skills and a love of books is promoted in the KG library.
  • The Auditorium brings us together as a community to celebrate our learning.

Innovation and Technology:

  • Our research-based approach ensures learning engagements remain current.
  • Makerspace in every classroom ensures that students use design-oriented thinking to plan, create and build their ideas.
  • The provision of iPads in the classroom include a range of educational applications and understanding how to use technology responsibly.
  • All classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards and Apple TV’s to accommodate all learning styles in a fun and engaging way.

Student support and well-being:

  • Mindfulness practice is intertwined in our day through the MindUp Curriculum.
  • Through the Zones of Regulation, students develop their self-management skills.
  • Inclusive practice with the student support team, ensures every child has access to an outstanding education.

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