Campus Contacts and Guidance

Should you like to book a school tour, please contact our Front of House team at [email protected] or +971-2-557-4880. 

Main Line

02 557 4880



Ext 606

[email protected]


Ext 607

[email protected]

Government Relations

Ext 218


Nurses Clinic

Ext 224


Parent Relations

Ext 202

[email protected]

Slices Catering

Ext 310

[email protected]

BBT Bus Transport

Ext 213



Ext 600

[email protected]

Elementary Office

Ext 302

[email protected]

Secondary Office

Ext 431

[email protected]

Athletics & Activities Office

Ext 250 / Ext 303

[email protected]

Aquatics Office

Ext 336



To gain access to the campus, you must have your GAA Parent ID Card. If you do not yet have a GAA Parent ID Card, you can enter campus by handing the Security Guards a valid ID (Emirates ID, Labor card, Driver’s License, passport) and receive a Visitor Card.

The security guards have the right to ask all visitors and parents to present their GAA Parent ID Card or obtain a Visitor Card by presenting a valid ID. We ask that you comply with this request.

Please wear your ID card at all times while you are in the school premises.

For those with a Visitor Card, please exit using the same gate you entered in order to collect your ID and return the Visitor Card.

During Pick up and Drop off times, all of four gates are open. From 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, all school gates will be closed/locked and you will only be able to enter the premises from:

  • The main reception front gate
  • The gate behind the tennis courts at the back parking lot

At 5:00pm, the KG front gate will be locked for the day. The tennis gate and back gate will be locked at 7:00pm. Visitors entering the school after hours must go to the front gate and register with the guard using the same process described above.

New Parents

As had been advised in the Welcome Pack email, you may obtain your Parent photo identity card by emailing a photo (jpeg format) along with the parent’s first and last name to [email protected]. Please also include your child/children’s full name and grade in the email as well. Once you have uploaded your photo/photos, you may collect your Parent identity card/s from the Main Reception after you receive an email from supports team stating it is ready for collection.

Please Note: Parent identity cards will only be issued to parents (Mother & Father), and will NOT be issued to domestic helpers, drivers and guardians.

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