IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)

Our IB Diploma students study native and acquired languages, sciences, mathematics and a range of social studies and arts offerings. The rigour of the Programme is maintained through external moderation and assessment from the IB, who carefully guard the high standards required from thousands of schools worldwide. IB Students at GAA learn to become lifelong learners as they progress through their final two years. Building on a foundation developed from as early as kindergarten, students develop skills such as communication, collaboration, thinking and self-management. These transferable skills will be vital in the lives of this generation as an adapting world requires a generation taught to be creative, resilient and and innovative. In addition to taught academic subjects, our IB Diploma Programme seeks to develop the whole student through the embedding of skills referred to as Approaches to Learning and through three core elements; CAS, ToK (Theory of Knowledge) and Extended Essay (EE).