Grade 12 College Counseling

Senior Year


This year is jam packed with things to do, and it can be quite overwhelming if you don’t stick to a timeline and are procrastinating. It’s imperative that after student’s junior meeting with their counselor that they stick to the timeline and tasks that their counselor gives them. Similar to a student’s junior year, there is much to be done and it’s best to chunk the tasks. Below is our timeline for students during their senior year.

Late August - Late September:

  • Finalize university choices and meet with designated counselor for student/counselor senior meeting. Let your counselor know if you have an early deadline.

  • Attend university visits and fairs! Speak with the university reps as those that visit our school are often the same ones reading your application and making admission decisions!

  • Take English proficiency tests (if required), sit any other outside testing: UKCAT, BMAT, LNAT and if applying to Cambridge or Oxford, their admission tests.

  • Ask another teacher (if needed) to write you a letter of recommendation. Do not ask teachers past September.

  • Work on your personal statement and/or Common App Essay Prompt


Application Portals:


  • Students who have not taken the SAT or are taking it for a second time will sit the October or December administration. Registration for these tests should be done over the summer.

  • Continue to attend university visits and fairs


  • Sit any other external exams

  • Finish up personal statements and share them with your counselor and/or English teacher

  • Make sure that all of your documents are in with your counselor (teacher letter of recs and transcripts from any old schools)

  • Meet with your counselor to let them know of any November deadlines

  • FASFA (Federal Financial Aid for US Citizens) typically opens on Oct. 1st, get it in soon.


  • Nov. 1st is an Early Decision/Action Deadline for US Universities. Remember, ED is binding and you can only apply to 1 school ED. Early Action is NON binding and you can apply to multiple universities EA.

  • Send your application and TEST SCORES. Counselors are NOT responsible for sending ANY standardized testing as this responsibility lies with the student.

  • Make sure you are filling out the CSS profile for US universities. This is a financial aid document needed by many US universities when looking at need based aid.

December - January:

  • Keep track of all deadlines during this time

  • Communicate with your counselor about universities where you are planning to apply over the winter holiday

  • Jan. 15th: UK DEADLINE (although we encourage our students applying to the UK to submit BEFORE winter break)

  • Take any last SAT tests, SAT II subjects tests, ACT, IELTS/TOEFL

February - April:

  • Apply to any rolling deadlines or late deadlines (Canada and Netherlands have later deadlines, but again, we encourage you to apply earlier)

  • Admission decisions start rolling in, so check your email CONSTANTLY.

  • Colleges and Universities will also communicate with students during this time regarding any missing documentation or necessary mid year reports.

  • Continue to keep grades up, especially IB grades.

  • If you have already accepted with a university, start speaking with representatives about the visa process if applicable.

May - June:

  • DECISION TIME! US universities typically ask students to make a choice by May 1st.

  • If you are full IB, meet with your counselor and DP coordinator to discuss where you would like your scores sent

  • Start working on the visa process!